Nantahala Rafting North Carolina

    Discover the beauty of the Nantahala River

    Nantahala Rafting with Fast Rivers has an ideal and amazing location just seconds from your entry onto the Nantahala River! Our supreme location in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains has become a destination place for many vacationers and day-trippers alike. The Nantahala River is our backyard, which means a short 1-minute bus ride to the river put-in and a quick 7.5 mile bus ride back to our outpost where your warm, dry clothes & pictures of you conquering “The Falls” await you. You can enjoy our mountain views while relaxing by the creek on one of our benches, sitting around our creekside bonfire, or playing in our adventure area. We have brand new bathroom and changing facilities with showers, a top-notch retail souvenir shop, as well as, a creekside picnic area for before or after your trip. You can choose to pack a picnic or bring a grill to cook out on the creek. Anyway you look at it – you are sure to have a great day at Fast Rivers on the Nantahala River!


    Choose Your Own Adventure or just ask us & we’ll help you choose…But whichever you choose, the Nantahala River is dam-controlled, so even in the driest months the water levels stay constant. You’ll enjoy the thrill and excitement of a favorite and most popular whitewater adventure while seeing the beautiful and dramatic Nantahala Gorge in the Nantahala National Forest.

    The Falls on the Nantahala River

    The Falls on the Nantahala River


    Total TRIP TIME approximately 3 – 3 ½ hoursTotal WATER TIME is about 2 – 2 ½ hours. After we personally fit you into your life jacket and give you full instructions, we shuttle you to where the river begins flowing (a short 1-minute ride) and put you in at the Nantahala Power Plant put-in. On your way down the river, you’ll enjoy over 20 named rapids! The last rapid, the grand finale of your trip, is Nantahala Wesser Falls. This final rapid of your adventure is also the rapid where we take pictures of your group. Waiting at the take-out for you, we then shuttle you back to our outpost (7.5 miles up river) where your dry, warm clothes & captured memories await you. Your pictures display at our outpost store on a wide screen TV for the whole group to enjoy and relive the fun! They can also be purchased at this time for you to take home with you! (Pre-purchase and save 10%)


    Boats at the Fast Rivers outpost on the Nantahala River

    We offer a huge selection of different sized crafts with various performance levels, 1 man to 9 man carrying capacity. We carry different crafts that are manufactured by different companies allowing you the most paddling options on the river…Aire, Hyside, Perception & NRS are just a few!

    Self-Bailing Rafts:

    These rafts have inflated floors that do the bailing for you (no dumping after each rapid). They have a carrying capacity of 2-9 people.

    1 or 2 man inflatable self-bailing kayaks. Hi-Performance models also available – Really Responsive!
    Single funyak at fast rivers rafting on the nantahala river in bryson city NC
    double funyak on the nantahala river in western north carolina
    Sit on top kayak at fast rivers on the Nantahala River in western north carolina

    Made of hard plastic, paddler sits on top instead of down inside. A great and challenging introduction to kayaking. We have Perception Torrents.

    Lake Canoes:

    1 – 3 person capacity for lake use ONLY. Must be able to transport on your own.


    Undoubtedly THE BEST! Our instructors personally teach your group how to have the safest trip and the most fun. In a nicely wooded instruction area, alongside our creek, the instructors teach raft handling and crew coordination to help you understand how to make the raft easier to control. They use a hand painted picture of the river while describing the best routes to take through the most difficult rapids. And, of course, they answer all of your questions. Our unique location, 1-minute from the put-in, allows us to be the ONLY outfitter that is able to offer Personalized Instruction just moments before you put on the water, allowing it to be fresh in your mind and giving you the best chance of running the rapids successfully. Our instructors have proven to be very helpful in facilitating a safer and more enjoyable run down the most challenging stretches of the river. We have set pickup times, eliminating any long waits at the take out. We are there waiting on you rather than you there waiting on us.


    Instructor/guide at Fast Rivers Rafting on the Nantahala River in Bryson City NC


    We take pictures of your group at the last rapid, Nantahala Falls. Your pictures display at our outpost store on a wide screen TV for the whole group to enjoy and relive the fun! They can also be purchased at this time for you to take home with you! (Pre-purchase and save 10%) Click Here for Pricing


    Guided trips at Fast Rivers Rafting on the Nantahala River

    We personally hire only the BEST! Your guide is responsible for your group which allows you to have the trip you want! Our trained guides take great pride in their ability to provide you with a fun-filled adventure! They are First Aid and CPR certified with experience and knowledge of the river, as well as, meeting all United States Forest Service requirements. They truly are here to make your experience on the river the GREATEST!


    Paddling/Splash Jackets ($5), Farmer John wetsuits ($10), and high-top zippered neoprene diving booties ($5) are available for individual rental or all 3 for only $12.50. This gear appeals to all-natured folks keeping them warmer & more comfortable in the cool water. Our sizing ranges from children up to 4X and our booties fit up to a men’s size 15.


    Bring your own picnic to enjoy here beside the creek before or after your trip. Some groups choose to picnic here at the outpost, before or after their trip, making it even more of a fun day! We offer a great picnic area designated for Fast Rivers customers. Coming Soon…warm up next to our Creekside Fire Pit on those cooler days!


    Happy to accommodate you before and after your trip in our BRAND-NEW FACILITIES. We have 2 showers in each changing area.


    Offering souvenir photos, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, swim shorts, sunglasses, coffee mugs, stickers, water proof phone bags, sunglass/eyeglass holders, snacks, ice cream, drinks, or any last-minute items you may have forgotten. Come & see our brand-new store!