The section on the Nantahala river where we offer white water rafting is dam-controlled. We paddle a section downstream from where Duke Energy operates a hydroelectric plant that runs from water released from the Nantahala Lake Dam. During the rafting season, Duke has been contracted to open up the flow to a level that makes white water rafting this section both exciting and safe.

Below you will find a link to the USGS water monitoring station along this section of the Nantahala River where you can see the fluctuation of the water level between when the water is flowing for the paddling day and off at night.

On a scheduled basis, Duke will also release water into the upper section of the Nantahala where kayakers in play boats can take advantage of the increased flow. Follow the link below to the Duke Energy Release Schedule and use the dropdown box to view the Nantahala/Tuckasegee Area Release Schedule

River Gauges