Sue, I have a 40 year marketing background with some of the largest radio groups in the nation. The kind of personal touch you bring to a “mom & pop” business is what the biggest companies in the country attempt, but fail, to do. Your last email and it’s timeliness being a perfect example. Really very first rate. Congratulations on running a small business in a big time manner.


I wanted to let you know you guys are the best! You made us feel like we were the only customers that day! Great job!

-Richard Wood

Hey Sue and Steven, Everyone who participated in the rafting outings had a great time. Both trips came back with exciting stories. We appreciate how you all look out for us and I have been impressed by how efficiently you all operate your business. That means a lot to me as a Camp Director and I appreciate you all putting forth that extra effort on our behalf (and I’m sure you do the same for all your customers). Thanks for helping these kids make some memories on the river this summer. Looking forward to working with you all with future groups and camps. Hope you have a successful season!


Thank you soooooo much Sue! We had an absolute blast. Furthermore, when we were driving away, we were talking about how great and friendly the service was. Of all the possible outfitters we could have chosen, I’m confident that we chose the right one. We will DEFINITELY be back but we’ll be better prepared for the water temperature next time! Thanks again! You and your crew rock!


Steve and Sue, thank you so much. Your care, welcoming manner, and concern for each individual is special and rare in this day and age. See you next year…same time 🙂


Thanks…………….you’re it from now on!


You should be commended for hiring quality people who are professional, courteous, and friendly. They seem to be a well-rounded individuals and represent you/your company very well! I will be recommending Adventurous Fast Rivers and Dan as a guide to all my friends that may be looking for a good time in North Carolina. Thanks again!


Steven, Sue, Landon, Sophie & the crew, It’s always a great pleasure to raft the Nantahala with ya’ll. You make the experience what it is…..Awesome!!! We will surely return soon. Thanks for the great experiences, the kids will never forget them. See ya soon!!

The Retherfords – Panama City, Fl

Sue, Just wanted to let you know that we LOVED our rafting experience. Neither of us had done anything like it before. The instructions we received before we put in the river and again before the falls really helped to make it a successful trip. The pictures were great! So glad we have them as a memory of our adventure. We visited you on the first day of our vacation there. We had many other wonderful adventures while we were in the area, but the river rafting was my favorite. Thank you so much for making it an awesome memory for us.


Dear Sue, We had a great time and Hayden was fabulous….a true asset to your establishment! Truth be told, we went on the same trip today with a different company and it paled in comparison. I think there is something to be said for a more intimate experience! Keep up the good work…we will be back and definitely recommend you to our friends.

Sara, Mike, Kassie & Steven

Hey, you guys were awesome!!! We had a wonderful time and I promise you that we will continue to go with Fast Rivers from now on…I will tell everyone I know about you guys and your incredible pricing. Thank YOU.

Craig, Kyla, Danielle, and Cheyenne

We loved this trip!!! Sue and Steve were very accommodating…they put my “neurotic mom” mind at ease from the moment we booked. This was the third rafting trip (1 previously in NC and 1 in WV) that we’ve taken with our children (8, 10), and by far it was the best! The kids loved this river! It was quite a bit more adventurous than the Tuck, but still safe enough for me to relax and enjoy it! Mike, our raft guide, was wonderful. He was very sociable, polite, knowledgeable and professional. He really made the trip fun with extras like jumping off the rock, riding the bull and spinning around through a rapid. The facilities for changing clothes were adorable..rustic, but clean and well kept. We will certainly be back next year!

-Nick & Jackie Matzirakis

Thank you. And I wanted to also thank you (and Steven) for the great way that I was treated over the phone when I called to make the reservation. Your company was actually not the first I called, but it was the first company that was friendly, courteous, and helpful. Two other companies had been recommended to me by a friend. I can only assume that they must have changed since she used them. Steven was sure to ask if I had any questions, offered information he thought I should have, and waited until the details were sorted out to discuss a credit card number. The other two companies wanted my credit card number before even answering my questions (like whether my son would be old enough/big enough to go, which was kind of an important one). Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Thank you Steven & Sue for a wonderful adventure! We could not have asked for any better service, the whole crew was great! My wife is wondering why we waited until our 50’s to try this stuff. See you again soon!

Larry, Karen, David & Lesa

We would like to thank you for yet another wonderful time. Your outfit is one of a kind and everyone makes you feel like you’re the only one renting a raft. Once again, Thanks for the fun!

Jessica, John & crew (The Trouble Makers)

My daughter, her friend, and I had such a great time. It was our first time white water rafting and boy did we have the best first time experience of our lives. Your company is the best and I would highly recommend your service to everyone. Those who do not use Fast River Adventures has missed the best white water rafting experience. You have the best staff. I really like the family feel I got when I arrived and when we departed. Our guide Lindsey was the greatest!!! He made the trip for us and went beyond the call of guide duty to give us the best time. Plus my daughter and her friend thought he was hot. There is nothing I could see that you should change. Keep up the great work. I will see you guys soon for another trip and hope we can have Lindsey as our guide.

You guys really ARE good at customer service! You gotta be wired for it, too. You guys were obviously under a lot of pressure to look after all the people you did, but you did it cool as a cucumber, congrats (sort of like a duck, everything looks so calm on top of the water but underneath those feet are really moving). Thanks again for all you did. You’ve got a great crew working with you. It was quite a day! Thanks again.

We had a lot of newcomers with us this time on the river, and they had a BLAST! Adventurous Fast Rivers ROCKS!

Kindest regards, Yolanda

I want to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful and inexpensive adventure that myself and family will never forget. Next year we are all planning to do this again and will use your business and will recommend to everyone we talk too! Thank you again.

Sincerely, Julia Petersen

You & your family amaze me. You guys really made a difference in our family outing. What a good time. I will tell everyone I know about your service. As you know, Publix is all about service. I know what good service looks like and what bad service looks like. I can tell you I was so impressed by the service. You have it down to a science. It was truly amazing!! You see, you don’t know me from Adam’s house cat. But I used to teach for Ken Blanchard. In fact, I helped write the last book in the One Minute Manager Series, called, “Empowerment Takes More Than A Minute”. You were awesome, we will be back, not for the River, but for the experience. God Bless.


Thanks again for a great trip, Jessica and Terry were fantastic and the boys really enjoyed being around them both. And the adults; well we thought we were still kids and the ones I’ve talked with this morning are just a little bit sore but we all had a GREAT time. We will definitely be using your services again and hopefully we will have more scouts for our next trip. Thanks again for your help and your Top-Notch Staff!

Sincerely, Paul Watson Troop 327 Elgin S.C.

The Boy Scouts of Troop 203 would like to thank all of you for a wonderful adventure on the Nantahala River. That was definitely the highlight of our weekend journey. In fact, everybody was ready to ride the river again. Several of the parents mentioned that their sons talked more about the white water rafting than summer camp. Thanks again and hopefully we might make it up that way again.


We thoroughly enjoyed our rafting experience and I can honestly say that your company made the experience one of the best! You all are so professional, so courteous, very personable, made us feel right at home and very welcomed there. The equipment was awesome, the guide was fun, very talented, and very knowledgeable and shared a lot of history and facts with us as we went down the river, and he added a few real exciting and unexpected turns, bumps and splashes which my son just beamed from ear to ear! We will most definitely be coming to see you again next time we are in NC and I will tell all my friends about you too. GOOD LUCK, you guys were great!

Debby and Devon

You guys took great care of us. I was very impressed with your set up. We got all of the services of your competition but with the personal service they do not provide.

Hank, Cub Scouts

Oh yea, had a blast! I like having the guide, I’m such a chicken. He was so cute with us, apparently I was in the “special” seat. Seems I got wet alot! Didn’t mind, just didn’t want to “go in”! He was great with my son Paul, they jumped off the rock like Paul and Tom had done the year before. Also showed him how to “slide” down the boat into the water. Can’t say enough nice things about you guys! We will always return to you and recommend you, probably because I trust you and love your staff! Thanks again!

See you next year, Kelly Bebee

Thank you; Sue and Steve for such a great time we had using your facility and equipment. Your crew always provides us with the best service and a warm welcome. We look forward to our next rafting expedition at Fast Rivers!

Best regards — Ahmad, Michelle and Charlie

It was great rafting with you again, except perhaps going over on that last drop on the second portion just before beaching and in front of the photographer. Just kidding it added to the experience. We had a lot of fun, again. Now we head for Florida tomorrow, but we will be back in September and perhaps go rafting with you guys again. You guys are great, your crew is fantastic and we thank you for the experience.


As before, we had a wonderful time! After 15+ years of “doing it all ourselves”, down to transporting the rafts to & from the take out/put in point, it’s a divine luxury to have service such as this! We appreciate the service and the laid-back environment in which you guys operate. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you again next summer.

The Allgood/Robertsons

We love your rafting company and will be back on the river next summer. God Bless!

Denise and Mark Bagwell, Hunter Smith, and Charlie Murrin

We had a great time and our family will definitely be back again. We’re glad we chose you!


Thank you. You all are a wonderful company. See ya again later!

-Victory Baptist Church

Thank you so much for making our church outing a huge success. Everyone had a great time!!!


We had a great time & hope to come again. Thanks to your staff for making us feel comfortable.


We had such a wonderful time on the raft with Mike as our fearless guide! It was my best birthday yet. We will be back next summer.

-Beth Allen

I was there this weekend with three of my friends and we rafted twice. I wanted to let you know what a great time we had rafting. The river and the people were fantastic – right on down to that poor pinheaded dog. And a special thanks for putting all those photos on a CD for us. Our families are having a great time looking at the pictures – especially the ones when Matt, Jeff and Mark were tossed on the falls. Whenever we’re back in the area, we’ll be sure to book with you guys again. We had a great time and thanks again.

Warm regards – Brian Sanger, NJ

We had a wonderful time and the ones that had never been before, liked it very much. Thanks again for the pictures they were great! The church congregation will enjoy seeing their preacher in that fashion. Hope to see you again next year.Take care and God Bless.

-Danny Brown

Myself and 4 other guys came up there Saturday (July 29) to do some rafting. We had an amazing time, thanks mostly to Cassie our guide. She was amazing. A few of us have some experience kayaking and rafting, but not really enough to brag about. I have been down Nantahala a couple of times before, but I have never had as much fun as I had this time. Cassie was a huge help and made the trip very enjoyable. She kept giving us new things to try so that the trip never got boring. Everyone at your place was very helpful. Even though the place was packed Saturday morning everyone was extremely nice and took time to answer all of our questions. We will definitely be back.Thanks again for all of your help.

Corey Miller, Fellowship Community Church

Thank you Steve and Sue! Our experience with Adventurous Fast Rivers Rafting was terrific! Kathleen was a great guide and our interaction with you has been wonderful. We will definitely be back and will sing the praises of Adventurous Fast Rivers!

Jay, Nancy, and Hattie Bopp; Greenville, SC

Thank you for the great ride. You and your staff were terrific. We’d love to come back and do it again!


We loved it! Our guide was outstanding!

-Carol & Gene

Actually we’re the ones who want to say thanks. We had such a marvelous time riding the waves! We will recommend Adventurous Fast Rivers, White-Water, to anyone headed that way and will certainly see y’all again when we are in North Carolina.


We want to “Thank You”!! We had an awesome time rafting with our guide, ‘Kristen’. She is the best!! We will definitely raft your way next year and recommend “Adventurous Fast Rivers Rafting” to everyone we know.

Have a great summer rafting – Darlene

Our group had a fabulous time rafting with you! We will certainly call you the next time we want to come to the Nantahala!

-Debbie, DVM

Thanks for such a wonderful time. I admit to being a little nervous due to the fact we had our 10 yr old daughter along & this was her first time.Your guide Luke was very informative & wonderful company. We were extremely satisfied with our trip and being able to do it with just our family vs. a bunch of strangers made it even better! We intend to make the mountains a regular place to visit so we will see you again!


Thank YOU! It was the highlight of our vacation! You all were very friendly, organized and professional. We will definitely be back!! Thanks again!

-Jacob and Amber

We had an absolutely amazing time at your place. Everyone there was so kind and helpful and I absolutely loved our rafting guide; the whole trip was amazing! Last year was our first time ever white water rafting, and after such a great experience, I would not go to any other place besides yours. Thank you again for making our trip wonderful and I look forward to making another trip up there very soon.


We had a fantastic time…getting a guide was the best decision ever, even if we weren’t “first-timers”. She was fantastic – Fun, yet serious about making sure we had a safe and fun trip. I’ve definitely told all my friends about your place and how awesome it was.


We had a Fantastic trip (twice) all of the Crew were wonderful and we look forward to seeing y’all again as soon as we can get up that way!! So glad we choose your company for an exciting whitewater adventure!!! We will be recommending you to everyone we know. We can not imagine going with any other outfit. You Guys are the BEST!!! Thanks again for a great time.

-Paul & Heidi Rossi

Thank you! We had a great time. It was an adventure we will never forget, and an adventure we can’t wait to repeat. I have to say we were a little worried, we had never been White Water Rafting before, but Mike our guide made it the most incredible adventure. He was amazing. He made my 8 year old daughter Cherokee feel important and very much a part of the adventure. Mike made Michael and I feel comfortable, safe and believe me he made us work to get through those falls. But he was experienced and knowledgeable about our surroundings. He made the experience so much fun. We look forward to Rafting with Adventurous Fast Rivers again. Thank you for your friendly attitudes and professional services. We had a Great time.

Thank You, Thank You – The Rabjohns

Thank you for your kindness & the enthusiasm and professionalism with which you run your business.

-Dale Wallace

THANK YOU for such a great day. We had such an incredible time, you will be hearing from us again. You do a great job and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Keep up the great work.

-Laura Wiley and Crew

Just wanted to say THANKS again for the awesome adventure with Super guide-Tim ! My family agrees that rafting with your outfitter was PRICELESS! But so were the screams from the kids and hubby! We will send folks your way. Bless you all.

Many thanks; Lisa, Mike, Jordan Anne and Macy Greeson

We had the best time with Tim. He was great. He took great care of us and knew our limits. Of course the rest of the staff was perfect. Everyone made sure we had a great time and we could tell you were sincere, not just playing a part. You are the only people we will ever raft with.

Thanks for such a great experience – Mary

I just wanted to send my appreciation for another great trip! You guys were very accommodating, the guides were great, and everyone had a great time. We look forward to planning another trip next year and our goal is to bring 2 buses.

Until next time……Maurice, Fulton County Schools

We had the BEST time rafting down the river with your company! It was far more exciting than rafting on the French Broad, and Tom was fantastic! If we had done it earlier in the year we would have done it multiple times as our expectations were exceeded in every way. Thank you so much!

-David Rhodes

Our raft float was a really memorable experience and we think Fast Rivers is the greatest. We truly enjoyed meeting you and connecting with the river experience. We look forward to doing it again (with a guide).

Peace; Randy & Mary

Our guides were Cassie & Kat. They were just awesome! They really made the trip a lot more enjoyable. I think the best part was you could tell how much they enjoy what they were doing.

Thanks, Susan

No need to thank us; WE HAD A BLAST! We will definitely recommend you to others. For most of us, this was our first time rafting and we ALL want to come back! Thanks for making your prices more reasonable than others.

Pastors Scott & Janice, North Aiken Church of God

We enjoyed the trip so much this year. We have been down the river numerous times & have been rafting with you guys for the last several years, and we couldn’t be happier. We intend to raft with you for many years to come.

-The Pickett Family

We had a blast and certainly made some memories with our children. We want to make this an annual trip for our family. Jackie and I were very impressed with the organization of the outfit and both of us felt Sue was great at multitasking, despite the phones being down. A very smooth operator! Thanks again!

-The Rampey Family

I would like to say thank you for giving us such a treat. Everything was great. The boys and I both had a wonderful time. Our guide, Rachel, was great. My boys can’t stop talking about the trip. She really seemed to want it to be a fun time for them. If we do make it back up there we will be coming to see you again. Again thank you for the wonderful and pleasant experience.

-Phil Herrington; Laurel, MS

Everyone had a great time and your staff handled the group well. Y’all do a great job organizing that many people for the bus trips both ways. We are talking about a trip with funyaks sometime.


We had a wonderful time rafting with y’all ! ! ! Everything was great ! I can’t think of anything you could have done to make it any better. Our Guide Tim, was Great ! Steven & Sue were very helpful, made all of us feel very comfortable & answered all our questions. We already want to do it again. If we vacation in your area again we will definitely come by ! Thank You So Much for an awesome trip ! ! !


To All of Y’all….Thanks a Billion!!!! We just want to say thank you for showing us a wonderful time!! We all decided that the trip we shared with you guys was one of the best and most memorable!!! You have our sincere appreciation and our promise that we will be back to enjoy another trip with you all!!! Thank you once again and have fun Rafting the Rapids:)

Sincerely – Erika, Danielle, Traci, Dawn, and Amber

Thank you guys for everything. We had soo much fun & it was an experience we won’t soon forget.You guys provide a great service & I will be quick to recommend your company to anyone interested in a rafting trip. We look forward to our next chance to take a trip with your company. Thanks again for everything!

Scott Morris, Youth Pastor

Thank you for the time you take to show your customer appreciation. That is a rarity these days and added to the perfect impression of a wonderful operation you have. I would like to express to you that EVERYONE staffed on August 12 were the friendliest most helpful people. For my first trip – the guidance, the direction given and your set up eased my mind tremendously. My family without a doubt will return and as I have shared my photos I have shared your name and will continue to do so.

Sheryl Davis; Buford, Georgia

We recently went on one of your rafting trips. We had a 66 year old down to a 13 year old. I can honestly say that this was one of the most exciting things we had ever done. This was the first time any of us had done white water rafting; so I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our guide Cassie. She made the trip truly enjoyable and exciting.

The Pointer Families from Iola, Texas & Fayetteville, NC

Thanks for such a fun trip! You have wonderful guides who really make the trip worth while! Rachael and Tom are very hospitable, knowledgeable, and pleasantly friendly to their guests. When we get back, and we will, we would not hesitate to book a trip again with you folks. What a beautiful place you have on a beautiful river with a wonderful crew! Thanks!

Todd, Liz, Rebecca, & Little Todd Masters; Wales, MI

Thank you sooooooooo much for making my first rafting experience a great one! I REALLY appreciate the customer service provided by everyone! Steven, Sue and Tim, you managed to make me feel like providing an excellent rafting experience for me was your ONLY priority! Thanks for making me feel comfortable and welcomed. Tim was an EXCELLENT guide! I felt like I was rafting with a buddy! He made me forget that I came rafting alone. By the way, the bus driver was great too!

Thanks again, Erika

Thank you all for a GREAT time my kids had on their first river experience!!! If we are back up there we shall certainly stop in again!!!


We had a wonderful time. Chris was our guide on our trip and he was great! The next trip will definitely involve y’all. You make it personal and that is really something that counts. Thanks for such a wonderful thing you provide for so many of us coast dwellers.


You guys were great! Everyone was very helpful and just had a great attitude. I have passed on your company to friends and hope to get up that way again with another crew. Thanks for a great time!

Jim; Decatur, AL

It was a great trip. Thanks so much for your crew’s help and willingness to accommodate our group’s needs at such a short notice.

Best Regards, Kevin

We will come back and use your company. We had a great time, and I am impressed with your nice follow-up thank you.


We had a fabulous time rafting on Saturday. I can’t imagine it being any better. Caitlyn was a wonderful guide! She made the whole trip even better. Our family had some people seeking adventure and a few “sticks in the mud”. Caitlyn was able to make sure everyone had a great time and fulfill both the ones who wanted a thrill and the ones who were content to just float. She is a gem and so much fun! Thanks again for making our day a truly memorable experience!!

Megan and family

We hope to bring our adult children and their families with us next year. If we return to the area we will definitely use your service again. It was top notch and your desk personnel were very professional. Our guide Rachael was a doll. Very courteous and professional.

Thank You, Margot Crowell

Thank you. Your staff was extra helpful in us having a great time !!


We had a great time. We will use you for all our Nanny trips and tell everyone we know about you. Your friendly, personal service makes the difference.


We had a blast! Kathleen, our guide, was superb. She kept us safe, but, taught us some “tricks” to keep the adventure alive. We will definitely tell all our friends, and, hopefully get back soon.

All the best, Jane